Trinity High School Graduates

"In the proud tradition of
Mercy (1948),
St. Thomas Aquinas (1954),
Rosary (1961),
St. Thomas Aquinas–Mercy (1985)"


Department Members

Melissa Kennedy

Meghan Reft

Marilyn Telowitz

Rob Witte

Department Goals

Students will:

  • Read, discuss, and critically analyze a variety of literary genres representing diverse cultures.
  • Identify and evaluate moral and ethical decisions as illustrated through works of literature.
  • Read, discuss, and evaluate nonfiction works and material (such as biographies, newspapers, technical manuals).
  • Write standard English on both an informal and formal level in preparation for the work force and/or college environment.
  • Apply the process approach to writing by prewriting and organizing ideas, and then writing, revising and rewriting to attain a finished product.
  • Practice active listening and effective speaking skills.
  • Experience and respond to cultural events within the community.
  • Utilize traditional resources and technology to gather, process, analyze, and apply information and ideas, particularly in regard to research papers and oral presentations.
  • Give sufficient, credible evidence to clearly support both independent and collaborative solutions.

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