Trinity High School Graduates

"In the proud tradition of
Mercy (1948),
St. Thomas Aquinas (1954),
Rosary (1961),
St. Thomas Aquinas–Mercy (1985)"


Trinity Catholic High School provides technology opportunities and training for all students, teachers and staff to maximize student learning and to ensure student success in a global community.


8.1 Upgrade, extend, and administer computer network and communications components.

8.2 Upgrade, extend, and install computer hardware to support user technology needs.

8.3 Upgrade, extend, and install computer software to support user/system needs.

8.4 Improve student academic performance through integration of curriculum and technology.

8.5 Utilize technology as a medium to create an interactive partnership between Trinity Catholic High School and parents, community, and business partners.

8.6 Integrate technology initiatives into Professional Development activities and delivery of instruction.

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