Trinity High School Graduates

"In the proud tradition of
Mercy (1948),
St. Thomas Aquinas (1954),
Rosary (1961),
St. Thomas Aquinas–Mercy (1985)"


The following is a transcript of the Parent Reflection delivered at Baccalaureate Mass by Gary and Katie Meyer - parents of recent graduate Kim Meyer.

"My name is Gary Meyer and this is my wife, Katie. We are the proud parents of Kim who sits among you as a gradating Titan. To tell you a little bit about ourselves, we were married 25 years ago at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Florissant where we are still active parishoners. We have five children ranging from age 23-13. We feel blessed and fortunate every day for our family. But, to be honest, we are still looking for that manual. We have yet to find the book that tells us exactly how to do this parenting thing. So, we talk, we seek advice of others and we pary at lot for God’s guidance in our decisions.

Undoubtedly, everyone understands the difficulty in making choices. It’s one thing to make decisions for our own life, but often trickier when tackling those involving our children. Especially the big decision in St. Louis, where will we send her for high school.  Parents, as many of you probably did, we sent Kim to shadow different high schools, to various high school nights and high school summer camps, all to get a fee for where she would fit. The day of her Trinity visit all the worry and confusion seemed to have lifted. She came bouncing to the car with joy on her face and proclaimed, “That’s it. I’m done”. She wanted to be a Titan.  

These four years have gone by so fast. Our experience is just one of the many success stories to come out of this graduationg class. We hope we can giver proper praise to the compassionate adminstration and to the dedicated faculty. We all know the Trinity motto - ”Where Everyone Makes A Difference”. this is not just about the students. So many teachers, counselors, coaches and administrators made a difference in our lives. Some stayed after to help her get through a class, may raised the bar and encouraged her to try new things, others helped her find her strengths. I didn’t matter if we were talking to Dawn, Mr. Grumich, Coach Drake, Miss Lydon, Sr. Karl Mary or Brian Keeven, everyone in the Trinity family was interested in the welfare and success of our child. Thank you for going above and beyond, for challenging her to be her best and for squashing her when she needed to be sat on. Now we understand why they say teaching is not a job, it’s a vocation.  

Seniors, everyone has a story of the past four years. Each of you have things that have happened to you. But in truth You have happened to others too. There is a nurturing spirit that lives among you all. We have witnessed your joy in others successes. We have seen your pain in others sadness. Kim’s story is HER story but we think it turned out pretty well because YOU were all in it. Thank you for Making A Difference. 

It is said life is the sum of all of our choices. We are very happy Trinity has been a factor in the equation."

The following are testimonials from Trinity students about what it means to

be a Titan.

Trinity is the place to be because…

The possibilities are endless. -Jeremy Johnson, Class of 2013.

Education is a priority. -Jelani Days, Class of 2013.

It is a place of higher learning, where everyone has a voice. -Vincent Gilliard, 2014.

It is a friendly environment. -Ashely Petersen, Class of 2012.

Everyone is welcoming and it feels good to come here everyday. -Shannon Kettmann, Class of 2015.

The teacher’s provide the students with a good education and help us understand. -Bria Brown, Class of 2013.

The classes are interesting and the teachers are skilled and encouraging. -Anna Duban, Class of 2013.

The teachers are very understanding and willing to work with you one on one. -Kimberly Manson, Class of 2015.

The students and faculty are very caring and friendly. -Same Freihoff, Class of 2014.

The teachers are helpful and do what they can to ensure our education. -Breyanna Valle, Class of 2012.

Everywhere you go, you are accepted for who you are. -Mike Theimet, Class of 2013.

It is a place where everyone can completely be theirselves. -Matt Koeller, Class of 2013.

There are many wonderful activities and opportunities for success here. -Christina Gardener, Class of 2013.

I feel accepted here and a part of a community. -Bola Akinola, Class of 2012.

Of the diversity, the cozy atmosphere, school spirit and friendly people. -Alyssa Cook, Class of 2014.

It is where a Titan is born into a family. -Bri Heisse, Class of 2013.

You are welcomed as a freshman as you make the transition to high school and surrounded by the right people. -Mike Berliner, Class of 2012.

It creates a community feeling and a place of safety. -Rachel Hunt, Class of 2012.

It is really fun and you meet a lot of new people that become your friends. -Juana Cortez, Class of 2015.

It is a great learning environment and you are surrounded by awesome people and given countless opportunities to succeed. -Kyle Fite, Class of 2015.

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