Trinity High School Graduates

"In the proud tradition of
Mercy (1948),
St. Thomas Aquinas (1954),
Rosary (1961),
St. Thomas Aquinas–Mercy (1985)"

Involvement in Local Church

In recent years, the shape of the church in the Archdiocese of St. Louis has changed. Trinity Catholic High School is fortunate to be located in the Northeast Deanery of the Archdiocese where the local pastors have embraced the changes as an opportunity and challenge to serve the people of God in the area. Key ideas in the deanery's approach to ministry include evangelization - inviting people to come to know Jesus Christ and live a committed relationship with him, and ministry across boundaries - cooperation and sharing of talents and resources to serve all the people of the area.

Trinity Catholic High School is a Catholic institution within the deanery, the only Archdiocesan Catholic high school in the area. While our primary purpose is to provide the best education possible for the students who come to us, we are also a faith community within the local church and share responsibilities for serving the church beyond the walls of our school.

While serving the needs of the larger church is partially accomplished through Trinity's service and mission efforts, we believe that our community has special talents, resources, a particular Trinity identity that can and needs to be shared with the larger church. This conviction impelled us to take the lead in gathering young people and youth leaders throughout the area to sponsor a youth rally several years ago. Faculty and student groups have been formed to consider what resources and talents we have that are particular to our faith community, and, in conjunction with local parishes, schools, and other Catholic institutions in the area, plan and implement ways in which we too can minister beyond our boundaries.


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